Maybe you would like to improve your conversational skills, your writing, or feel more confident in a business setting. We will focus the class on your goals and interests. All skill levels are welcomed. How do you begin? Contact us and make a time to meet!

In our first meet-up we will talk about what you would like to learn and get to know you better. All our classes use the VCCA ESL 2019 Curriculum from Australia as a base, but are completely adapted to your needs. Each class is 90 minutes long and a mix of conversational practice as well as reading and writing work.

We believe that learning should be fun and as part of our program we offer social events where you can meet other adults learning English, and creative workshops at Host, where you can practice your conversational English in a relaxed and supportive environment. Along your learning journey, we will give you monthly feedback on your progress and make sure that you're learning what you need while enjoying the experience.