The evolution of Boutique Education has been a labor of love and a story of growth through demand, culminating with a stream of students that have achieved their academic goals and personal best.


Founded in 2010 by Emma Beckford and Adam Crook, the school was initially named The Language Boutique, a language school committed to support every student individually with quality education while fostering a love of learning.


Our reputation grew, in particular as a preferred provider to families of children in international schools. Soon we were being asked to teach a wide range of subjects, and we did just that – hired more educators and specialists and catered to this demand.

Over the years, our services have grown beyond tuition to include holiday camps, adult education, educational consultancy, special education, teacher training, programs for home-schooled children and more. In 2019 we made a leap and changed our name to Boutique Education to better reflect the wide range of services we provide. We've been fortunate to experience growth and evolution throughout the years but one thing has remained the same – an unwavering commitment to valuing the student, believing in their potential, attaining their academic goals and working tirelessly to instil a love of learning – a love that we hope they carry for life.