We work closely with ESL programs in schools to help to build foundational processes for effective programs - by screening, learning ways to track student progress, understanding referral processes, and strengthening curricula.


We offer workshops for your teaching staff, as well as the parents of your school, with the same tailor-made approach to ensure that you benefit from the areas that are most relevant to you. Some of our most popular workshops for schools are:

ESL TRAINING: covering areas such as culture and language exposure, BICS and CALPS, ESL curriculum, progress evaluation, goal setting, development of screening tools, targeted teaching and data collection, an introduction to Colourful Semantics, how to differentiate language disorders from ESL learning patterns, and when to refer to specialists.

COLOURFUL SEMANTICS TRAINING: the ever popular Colourful Semantics is an internationally acclaimed approach that helps children develop their grammar rooted in the meaning of words or semantics. This process reassembles sentences by cutting them up into their thematic roles and colour coding them, making learning a new language easy and fun. This workshop provides instruction on how to use colourful semantics, activities to try in the classroom with a group or individuals, and guidance on how to incorporate this powerful method within the educational system of the school.

Contact us anytime to make a time to talk about the possibilities for your school.