Our Approach

“When students develop a love of learning and witness their own potential, magic happens. Their receptivity to learning expands, concepts that were once hard for them become easy, they feel confident in their abilities and finally get the results they have always dreamed of.”

Emma Beckford, Managing Director, Boutique Education

what we stand for

We believe that every individual is capable, whole and full of potential. You deserve to know and feel this confidence from your educators. We see education as a tool to bring out the gifts, talents and abilities that exist within each and every one.

In all that we do, we aim to instill a love of learning by sharing positive educational experiences based on warm and respectful relationships, tailored education, enriching classes and quite simply, a happy environment. We have years of experience with this approach and we know that it leads to great achievements and educational results. Our goal is for you, or your child, to develop a life-long love of learning, one that leads you to grow and excel, to become the best version of yourself.


Every individual is unique and their learning journey needs to reflect this for them to reach their full potential. When your child undertakes tuition with us, our first step is to conduct an assessment to understand their strengths and areas of growth, and their progress against their grade level and school curriculum. We take time to understand your child's interests and preferred learning mode, such as visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, and having gathered all this information, we craft a tailor-made program for them. Sometimes working with your child may require communication and collaboration with their school teachers. We gladly offer this support when needed to ensure that there is alignment with their school program and what we do. You are also welcome to request structured progress reports as needed.


Our team of educators are hand-picked for their experience, qualifications and passion for giving you or your child the best learning experience possible. All of them follow our philosophy of instilling a love of learning, ensuring that tuition is tailored to the student’s interests and learning needs so that they can reach their academic goals. We are incredibly proud of the calibre of our educators, who have a wealth of experience in the educational field. Our team also comes with a wide range of qualifications, from Bachelors and Masters degrees in education and many other subjects, to linguistic degrees, Post Graduate Certificates in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), to name a few.