How To Make Learning Fun At Home – Morning Tea Series for Parents

Thank you to everyone who participated in our webinar – we loved all your great questions! 

This webinar was all about how to make learning more enjoyable at home while we are in a state of quarantine during the current pandemic. It’s been challenging for many – learning online, adjusting to being out of school, dealing with uncertainty and more. This is why we chose to focus on this topic, as a way to lighten the days of children (and parents!) while remaining productive. It’s perfect to use alongside your child’s school curriculum, or during the holiday period as a fun way to provide some learning continuity.

The content of this webinar is geared towards parents with children aged 8 to 12 and we have given focus to the subjects of English and Maths. Our presenters, Alyce Codrington and Sandy Low, from Boutique Education, share ideas, tips and resources – both offline and online – that parents can easily use at home to bring these subjects to life and make learning more enjoyable and fruitful.

There is no doubt that there are endless resources to select from online, which is a blessing and curse, as finding the best ones can be challenging and time consuming. Our educators share some of their tried and tested, best resources, to save parents time. These include the Prodigy online learning platform for maths, Khan Academy, a Narrative Writing Story Arc, a Story Setting Outline and more.

They also talk about motivation, and how to help children stay motivated, whether through the types of questions we ask in the creative writing process or using maths games that have inbuilt rewards systems such as point or badges. Children love a sense of accomplishment and sometimes the little things go a long way!



Here are some of the off-line resources discussed in the webinar for you to download and use!

Narrative Arc Scaffold

Story Setting Outline

Book Cover Template


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See you at the next one!

Nagmeh Hatami

Nagmeh is a globetrotter who is currently based in Singapore, a country she loves for its multicultural community and year-long summer. A communications and marketing specialist, she loves to work with organisations that have a positive social impact, such as Boutique Education. In her spare time, she loves music, going to the beach, eating any pastry that has cinnamon as the hero ingredient, and chasing after her two kids.

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