Nagmeh Hatami

Nagmeh is a globetrotter who is currently based in Singapore, a country she loves for its multicultural community and year-long summer. A communications and marketing specialist, she loves to work with organisations that have a positive social impact, such as Boutique Education. In her spare time, she loves music, going to the beach, eating any pastry that has cinnamon as a key ingredient, and chasing after her two kids. 


How To Make Learning Fun At Home – Morning Tea Series for Parents

By Adam Crook | May 21, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our webinar – we loved all your great questions! This webinar was all about how to make learning more enjoyable at home while we are in a state of quarantine during the current pandemic.

How To Make The Most Out Of Online Learning!

By Adam Crook | April 24, 2020

Have you found the transition to online learning challenging during the current pandemic? You’re not alone! It’s the experience of many as we adapt to a new way of operating. Here are a few tips to help with this transition.

Emotional Regulation For Young Children – Morning Tea Series for Parents

By Adam Crook | April 16, 2020

This wonderful topic was the subject of one of our Morning Tea Series for Parents and hosted as a webinar, which is why we have a recording of it right here for your listening pleasure!

Introducing Our Morning Tea Series for Parents!

By Adam Crook | February 28, 2020

It’s been months in the making and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our Morning Tea Series for Parents! Why? As our range of services evolved, so did our conversations with you as parents.

The Powerful Benefits of Reading for your Child

By Cathy Atkinson | January 21, 2021

  Reading is an essential tool for learning and navigating our way through the world. It helps build intelligence, vocabulary and creativity, with numerous studies showing that reading has a distinct impact on a child’s success across the curriculum. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many of us parents are anxious for our…

Managing Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings

By Pragati Pritmani | October 15, 2020

  In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, adapting to a ‘new normal’ has been challenging for many of us. Feeling overwhelmed by the situation is a completely normal reaction in these unprecedented times. However, when these feelings and emotions occur consistently, it can leave us feeling emotionally depleted and detached from our lives.  …