How To Make The Most Out Of Online Learning!


Have you found the transition to online learning challenging during the current pandemic? You’re not alone! It’s the experience of many as we adapt to a new way of operating. Here are a few tips to help with this transition:


Be patient

Everyone is adjusting and there are bound to be some teething problems. Be open to learning new technology and trust that it will improve.


Have a dedicated study space 

This is key. A good environment is usually well lit and ventilated, uncluttered, organised, and with furniture that supports good posture.


Take study breaks

Schedule in breaks and get away from the study space, look away from the screen regularly at something at least 5 metres away to give your eyes a break, move, renew your energy.


Create a study routine

Give study time some structure – remember to schedule in study time, breaks, and time for meals, snacks and hydration. We can’t stress enough the importance of hydration alone – it makes a huge difference to a child’s ability to focus and learn. Structure forms routines, which become a natural part of a child’s day.



Reward and celebrate accomplishments to embed a positive experience! Whether it’s a word of praise, or a small reward for overcoming a challenge, celebrating the wins create positive associations that keep the love of learning alive. 


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Nagmeh Hatami

Nagmeh is a globetrotter who is currently based in Singapore, a country she loves for its multicultural community and year-long summer. A communications and marketing specialist, she loves to work with organisations that have a positive social impact, such as Boutique Education. In her spare time, she loves music, going to the beach, eating any pastry that has cinnamon as the hero ingredient, and chasing after her two kids.

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