An Interview With Adam Crook – Tuition After The Circuit Breaker

Our Marketing Consultant, Nagmeh Hatami, caught up with our fabulous Director of Boutique Education, Adam Crook, about what tuition will look like after the Circuit Breaker and new services available!


N: What will tuition look like after the Circuit Breaker?

A: Based on the government’s announcement of a three phased approach to resuming activities safely, we will continue with online tuition during the first phase. Beyond that we will take it case by case, and together with parents, we’ll figure out the best option for each family. Some may wish to do face to face classes, others part online, others fully online. Of course, it will also depend on the directives from the government and what each international school is doing. 


N: Are you offering any special services to families during this time?

A: Honestly, it’s a tricky time for many of us, we genuinely want to help families and we’ve found that the best thing that we can do is offer flexibility and tailor-made solutions. Some parents are working full-time and have asked us to spend 2 hours, twice a week, to support the children’s online school program. Other parents are able to devote more time to their child’s online learning program but use us once in a while to help them plan classes, find resources, and get advice on how to make learning fun. Other families have found that the online learning program provided by the school is not a good fit for the child, for various reasons, and have asked us to follow along the lines of the school’s curriculum but provide more comprehensive or interactive experiences for their children. We are open to working with each family in the way that they need and finding the most helpful solution for them.


N: Have you seen any new trends during this time?

A: Some families are deciding to pull their children out of schools entirely and do homeschooling, for relocation reasons or due to the uncertainty of the current climate. Parents are often shocked by the amount of time that goes into preparing classes and finding resources. This is another area that we’re working on with parents – providing them class content, resources and advice on how to make learning fun, to save them time.


N: So basically you can prepare any parent to be a teacher at home?

A: Well, yes and no! There are some things that take years of training, like being able to spot gaps in a child’s knowledge, knowing how to fix them, and ensuring that they have a solid foundation on a concept before adding new information. Our teachers can do this on the fly due to their training and experience. You’d be surprised by how important this is – it can knock a child’s confidence if they’re unable to grasp a new concept or master a subject.


N: What are you looking forward to personally once the Circuit Breaker is done?

A: I’m looking forward to being able to see family and friends when the travel restrictions are lifted, and meeting my new goddaughter who was born during this time!


Nagmeh Hatami

Nagmeh is a globetrotter who is currently based in Singapore, a country she loves for its multicultural community and year-long summer. A communications and marketing specialist, she loves to work with organisations that have a positive social impact, such as Boutique Education. In her spare time, she loves music, going to the beach, eating any pastry that has cinnamon as the hero ingredient, and chasing after her two kids.

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