Pragati Pritmani

Pragati identifies as a global citizen having grown up and lived in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Abu Dhabi. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling and is particularly interested in exploring mental health issues within minority populations. She is also interested in the use of mindfulness as a tool in managing mental health. Beyond working and studying, she loves exploring her creative side through film photography and printing photos in the darkroom.


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

By Kate Noble | August 17, 2020

Ever wondered why your child always seems to remember something they see? Or perhaps they really get the hang of a new concept when they are hands-on and try it themselves? Maybe they are great at remembering new songs and rhymes? This isn’t a coincidence, often we have preferences when it comes to learning new…

How do I maintain my child’s education and learning over the summer vacation?

By Kate Noble | July 16, 2020

2020 has been anything but a normal school year for our children. Many have returned to school, albeit briefly, and then the summer holidays arrived before we knew it. Holidays may look markedly different this year too, with many of us staying put and exploring Singapore. A common question from many of our parents is,…

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