Gamification – Morning Tea Series for Parents

Gamification. Ever heard of this term? It means to turn anything into a game, enlist voluntary involvement, have fun and get results. This is the topic of this Morning Tea Series for Parents and it’s particularly useful for teachers and parents who are hands-on with their children’s education.
Gamification is a term used to describe the use of game elements in business, marketing, advertising, teaching. To see gamification in action, have a look at this short video that demonstrates how simple and effective it can be.

Have you ever wondered what it is about games that people love so much, and even get addicted to? There’s a science to it. To be a game, something must be voluntary, involve problem solving (otherwise it is play), involve rules and a goal. The fun part for players is the balance between structure and exploration, between effort and rewards, between investment and improvement.
What’s great about this webinar recording is that Shane Pisani, Head Educator of Boutique Education, not only talks about the concept but also walks us through several interactive games that demonstrate different ways that gamification can take place and the elements that make it so effective.
This webinar also gives a great insight into the types of games that we can use for learning, such as badges, point systems, leaderboards and more. Shane also shares excellent tips on how to create your own games without completely reinventing the wheel, saving time and energy.
Do we use gamification when teaching our students? Absolutely! This is a natural part of the way that we teach our students since one of our top priorities is to foster a love of learning, and gamification does this through positive associations, voluntary motivation and having fun.
Enjoy the webinar and remember to use the slides provided alongside the video for best results!


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Adam Crook

Co-founder of Boutique Education, Adam has a passion for education. Having formerly worked as an asset manager in financial services, he changed career and gained extensive teaching experience as a UK TEFL qualified teacher. Overseeing the operations of Boutique Education, he loves seeing children transform so they are able to thrive at school, on their educational journey and in life as a whole.

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