How Home Tuition Can Help With Summer Learning Loss

The summer holidays are fast approaching and after another unsettled past year, thanks to COVID, you and your children are likely looking forward to a well-earned break.  However, with some children possibly suffering from what is referred to as summer learning loss, it might be worth thinking about some additional tutoring in the long holiday to ensure they remain on track.

Stats from Cambridge University estimate that in a normal year, children can lose up to 30% of their maths, English and reading skills over the summer break and can hit children moving up to secondary school particularly hard, finding “30 per cent of students made no progress in mathematics, and 50 per cent made no progress in English or science” in Year 7, as a result. However, more positive research shows that just a couple of hours of learning per week can prevent summer learning loss.

If you’re worried your child may fall behind during the summer, or have older students sitting important IGSCE, A-level or IB exams in the new academic year, then maybe tailored one-on-one tuition could be a solution. A tutor can help your child focus, fill in any educational gaps and even expand their learning in preparation for a new term.

So, what are the benefits of individual home tutoring during the summer holidays?

  1. Individual and tailored learning experience – with tutoring sessions being one-on-one, tutors can personalise, individualise and adapt your child’s learning experience. This ensures their specific needs or knowledge gaps are addressed, so they are more prepared for the new academic year.
  2. Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning – your child will learn to take the initiative with their schoolwork and understand how to control their learning pace when they return after the holidays.
  3. Enhances self-esteem and confidence – by receiving the resources and skills they need to excel, your child’s self-esteem will grow over the holidays giving them greater confidence when back at school.
  4. Supports independence and responsibility – by understanding more about their own personal growth, your child will learn to take responsibility for their studies.
  5. Encourages the freedom to ask questions – if your child finds it uncomfortable asking questions in the classroom environment, having a tutor lets them ask whatever questions they may have without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.
  6. Allows both flexibility and a stress-free environment – it’s a great opportunity for students wanting to master a subject or gain a competitive edge to do so in a more relaxed setting.
  7. Challenges those who need it – tutoring helps bored or under-stimulated children reach their full potential.

Home tuition services will eliminate any issues regarding summer learning loss and enable your child to go back to school after the long summer break feeling more confident as they’ve made actual progress. Enabling them to enhance their understanding of more tricky subjects gives them the best possible start to a new academic year.

Boutique Education is a leading tuition company in Singapore providing bespoke and personalised home and online tuition to children and adults. If you want to find out more about how our tuition services can help your child with their academic progress over the summer holidays, please contact us at to find out more.

Adam Crook

Co-founder of Boutique Education, Adam has a passion for education. Having formerly worked as an asset manager in financial services, he changed career and gained extensive teaching experience as a UK TEFL qualified teacher. Overseeing the operations of Boutique Education, he loves seeing children transform so they are able to thrive at school, on their educational journey and in life as a whole.

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